Banquet & Party Catering

10 guest minimum. Links will open in a new page.

Buffet Drop-Off


    Food will be prepared off-site and delivered

  • There is an 18% service fee on ALL buffet events regardless of service level

Buffet Drop-off Service Level

Level 1: Drop Off Only

I will drop off your food in aluminum pans with any necessary re-heating instructions.

No chafing dish water pans, wire racks, or sterno burners are included.

Add $10 if you need disposable serving utensils


Level 2: Drop Off/ Set Up/ Equipment

I will arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour before your event begins to set up equipment and food.

I will leave disposable chafing equipment (water pans, wire racks, and sterno burners) for you to utilize.

Wire Rack Pan Pricing:

Basic: Parties of 10-25 : $125

Intermediate: Parties of 30-50: $190

Deluxe: Parties of 55-80: $255

Heavy duty disposable plating, flatware, as well as all necessary serving utensils are included.


Level 3: Full Service – $30 per hour per server

(1 server per 10 guests | Minimum 2 hours)

Not only will I set up, but I, or a hired server, will stay to serve and replenish the buffet during your event.

We will also clean up our work area at event conclusion.

No food will be prepared on site; for on-site catering prices please see below

Heavy duty disposable plating, flatware, as well as all necessary serving utensils are included.



High-end disposable, or real dinnerware, as well as fancy metal chafing pans are also available.

Please inquire if interested. Additional fees may be incurred.

Pre-set Party Packages

On Site Catering

Looking to get the freshest, most talked about food experience possible?

Are you hosting at least 10 people at your event?

Is your event at least 3 hours long?

Is your event more than 3 weeks from today's date?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you are in luck!

I offer a live buffet service for gatherings of 10-50 guests!

  • Meal is prepared on site and replenished as the event advances

  • Basic food cost included

  • Set up is buffet style only

  • Real Plates/ Silverware/ Cloth-like Napkins

  • Servers are available by request ($30/hr- 2 hour minimum per server)

  • Action Stations available by request ($100/station- 3 hour minimum)

  • Food preparation ceases 45 minutes prior to event end

What's Included:

10-20 Guests: 

  • 1 Protein*

  • 1 Vegetable

  • 1 Starch

  • 1 Salad

  • Rolls/ Biscuits

  • Signature Drink**

  • One dozen Event Themed Cupcakes


21-30 Guests: 

  • 2 Proteins*

  • 2 Vegetables

  • 1 Starch

  • 1 Salad

  • Rolls/ Biscuits

  • Signature Drink**

  • 2 dozen Event Themed Cupcakes

31-50 Guests: 

  • 3 Proteins*

  • 2 Vegetables

  • 2 Starches

  • Rolls/ Biscuits

  • Salad

  • Signature Drink**

  • 3 dozen Event Themed Cupcakes

*High end proteins (IE: lamb, king crab, lobster, etc) will be charged at market rates

** Non-alcoholic drink