Meet the Chef...

Chef Sabrina has always had a love for food!

She began helping in the kitchen at five years old. 

Growing up with a food loving family gave her valuable skills and a sophisticated palette. 


Sabrina has had culinary influences from all over.

Her parents brought Southern flavor to Michigan, where she was born and raised.

She soaked up the eclectic and varying cuisines of Detroit, her favorite being Middle Eastern.

Upon moving to Houston, Texas, and immersing herself in the atmosphere, she was introduced to even more cuisine styles that she quickly fell in love with, no wonder she's so culturally adept!

Sabrina studied the art and science of cooking at The Art Institute of Houston where she graduated with an Associate of Applied Science Degree.


She strives to incorporate various flavors from far and wide into everyday cooking.

She enjoys mixing cultures and coming up with new items on a regular basis,


Chef Sabrina has had many accomplishments since beginning her culinary career professionally; she was the first and only female grill cook at a 5 star restaurant, as well as lead grill cook and assistant butcher in one of the top five country clubs in America. She has cooked for former Presidents, mayors, A-list celebrities and a multitude of hungry everyday people.


Sabrina likes to hone her skills by studying and learning new cuisine styles and experimenting in the kitchen.


With a passion for food, and a love of making others happy, Chef Sabrina is well on her way to becoming the next big thing in the culinary industry. 

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